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Customer Testimonials

A classic Amramp moment.

We provided a rental ramp last week for Mr. A in Brockton, MA.

We received a call at 7 am this morning from Mr. A Jr. who advised us that his Dad has passed and would we come to remove the ramp. Mr. A Jr. thanked us profusely for allowing his Dad the opportunity to spend this last week at his Koi Pond. According to his son, Mr. A was housebound for months and wanted so much to spend time beside his prize Koi pond.

According to his son, Mr. A took his meals here and spent the daylight hours of his last week here. Each day he thanked his son for finding Amramp to make this time possible.

We at Amramp are all blessed to be able to provide for people as we do.

"I wanted to send this testimonial for your web site because it means so much to us how you were there for us. Amramp is the best quality ramp that I've ever seen. Dave (Hoglund) and his helpers quickly arrived and set-up in just a day to make it available before my wife came home from the hospital. Their work is clean, neat and quick and showed a lot of concern and caring about our situation. When we were finished with the ramp, they were just as quick to remove it and show their concern for what we needed at that time. If anyone you know needs a secure and reliable ramp and a company that cares about people, this is where you want to go. Don't even bother to look elsewhere. Thanks again to everyone who helped our family" - Robert C. - Colonia, NJ

"It was a pleasure to work with you regarding the installation of a ramp for my home. I appreciate the time you took to explain the features and care required to maintain it. The appointments were punctual and your workmen did a good job with the installation. The access provided for my husband is making a great difference in improving his quality of life. Thank you again." - Sonja G. - Bronx, NY